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For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Presentation Book


For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Presentation Book
You CAN master the "For Sale By Owner" Appointment!

Available in a book presentation format, Mark Leader's For Sale By Owner Presentation is the only FSBO resource you'll ever need-get your presentation and get ahead with FSBOs today!

With it, you'll discover how to walk into a FSBO appointment and walk out with the listing!

Learn what the professionals know about listing FSBOs. This easy-to-use book presentation will make your invaluable to the For Sale By Owner.

You will learn:

  • Why 75% of For Sale By Owners end up listing with a realtor
  • How real estate agents put more money in the For Sale By Owner's pocket in less time
  • Why full service real estate companies have been in business for over 100 years
  • The eight ways you can assist the For Sale By Owner in reaching their financial goals

You'll also learn:

  • The necessary dialogue to have the For Sale By Owner want to meet with you
  • "How To" steps (dialogue and visuals) to professionally conduct a FSBO listing presentation and "get the signature"
  • A complete set of For Sale By Owner listing presentation visuals that you can use on your next appointment

This is the only resource you'll ever need to handle For Sale By Owner Presentations!

About The Provider:

Mark Leader Courses is North America's #1 choice for real estate training.

New real estate agents, mortgage company brokers, veteran agents who want to increase their production and permanently change their lives all take this program, year after year! Leader's Choice real estate training is a NAR accredited training program that will teach new and veteran agents the techniques & dialogues to handle objections, list more property, land FSBO's plus much much more. Agents who have taken the Leader's Choice program have increased their productivity by over 250%, while earning themselves over 6 figures in income year after year!

With over 18,000 agents trained in North America, Mark Leader is undoubltably one of the top real estate trainers today!

At Leader's Choice, we offer:

For more information you can reach our office at 705-730-6941 or Toll free: 1-877-730-6941.

Recognized as North America's #1 Real Estate Sales Trainer, Mark Leader is responsible for helping thousands of agents raise their sales by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Mark Leader is a rare breed. From the age of 9, when he started selling in his family's clothing store, Mark knew he'd discovered his passion and he has stayed that course ever since. As an agent, he listed over 1,000 properties and averaged 93 closing a year for 8 years consecutively without the help of a personal assistant. As an office owner, his tireless enthusiasm propelled his organization to one of Canada's highest-producing offices of all time. As a real estate trainer with the Floyd Wickman organization, Mark quickly rose to the top of that organization, as well.

Finally, after thousands of personal sales experiences and years of training and coaching, Mark decided it was time to bring an element to real estate training that was clearly missing: It was important to help agents increase production, of course, but it was just as important to help agents change their mindset and dramatically improve self esteem to help them permanently change their lives for the better. With this decision, he began Leader's Choice.

Leader's Choice is the most successful real estate training company in North America with 18,000 graduates who have increased and still maintain their production at an average 250%.
Mark is still the company's most active trainers with more than 1,500 presentations to date.

Wherever he goes, Mark Leader leaves a trail of high income sales leaders who credit him with jumpstarting their skills and attitudes, and sending their sales commissions skyrocketing. To book an appointment with Mark call: 705-730-6941or 1-877-730-6941 toll free today, and learn more about how Mark can help your agents earn more!

Price: $195.00
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